Hill Top Maple Vermont

What all is Vermont known for?

Lake Champlain, the iconic Jam band "Phish", the Green Mountains, the largest filing cabinet in the world (seriously, its been verified), a host of technology companies, and even home to "The Most Interesting Man in the World" (also known as Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who portrays the eccentric fictional spokesman for Dos Equis beer).

What else are we known for? Maple Syrup of course!

When people think of Vermont, the first word that comes to mind is maple. In fact,Vermont contributes 5.5% of all maple syrup to the total global supply, is the largest producer of Maple Syrup in the United States, and even our Official State tree is the Sugar Maple. With this dedication to maple, it only makes sense that Vermont produces some of the finest maple products on the planet.

This is where we come in. Hill Top Maple is a Maple Syrup & Products company operating on our beautiful 210 acre farm located at 226 Heaven Ave. in Saint Albans, Vermont.While we might be considered new, our values are not. Our philosophy is simple and grounded in tradition, offer the best quality maple products possible at the best possible price for our customers.

Do you like talking about Maple Syrup half as much as we do?

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